Moss Point Residents Hold Peaceful Protest

Protestors say no to the MP Express gas station after allegations of violence from employees to customers.
News 25’s Laurene Callander reports on the peaceful protest in Moss Point.
A unified line of protesters armed with signs line up across the street from Moss Point’s MP Express gas station. The gas station was the site of a crime scene last Monday after the owner allegedly shot a man on a bike during a heated argument over stolen items. Protester Dan Hunter said, “This cannot go on and once we start standing together, it works, unity. When people come together, it works.”
The message is simple: stop shooting us. The plea is to stop spending money at the gas station. The protesters are taking a stand against violence, in this case an altercation that police say turned physical when the store owner pulled out his gun and shot the man. Protest organizer Sharon Smith said, “The whole point is that this particular store owner has decided he is the judge, jury and the executioner.”
Organizers hope this protest hits MP Express where it hurts: in their wallet. “You’re not going to stop everybody. You’re not going to stop everybody from going to that store, but if we knock a big dent in their business, we’ve accomplished something,” said Hunter.
While their message is clear, protest organizers tell News 25 they do not condone shoplifting or any other crime, but believe the store owner should have called police instead of taking matters into his own hands.
News 25 reached out multiple times to the gas station for comment. We have not received a response.

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