Moss Point residents concerned over rumors

There has been controversy in the City of Moss Point within the past 24 hours regarding last night’s city council meeting which went into executive session.
A rumor surfaced as the meeting was in session of Mayor Mario King planning to terminate Chief of Police Calvin Hutchins. News 25 reached out to Mayor Mario King and he explains the meeting went into executive session because litigation, contracts, and personnel were being discussed.
Residents had come forward, concerned if the rumors were true explaining they want Chief Hutchins to stay, but Mayor King says termination was never discussed. “Just to clear up all the rumors, we never had any kind of termination or anything like that on the agenda or anything like that, but personnel issues are something that we deal with, every business deals with, but it’s my job to make sure that I do the right thing. It’s my job that I hold everybody accountable to the same standards and that’s what I’ll do and sometimes those decisions are just unpopular and while they’re unpopular they’re very necessary.”
News 25 also reached out to Chief Hutchins although he did decline comment for now, he did say that he is not being terminated.

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