Moss Point Promises Residents Solutions to Flooding Issue

Friday’s rain brought back old troubles for Moss Point. News 25 previously reported that the city was working to reduce flooding in older neighborhoods. The residents of Rose Drive don’t like the rain. After a summer storm flooded their homes, they went to the city for help.

Friday’s rain is the first in weeks, and the roads are not faring too well. Johnnie McCreery, a retired carpenter and Moss Point resident, says, "You can walk down there at the corner of Rose Drive and Fredrick Street right now and see the water coming off of Second Street and running in Rose Drive like Niagara Falls."

Many residents have lived on Rose Drive for 40 years and say that the flooding issue started suddenly, is getting worse, and caused significant damage. Bethew Jennings Jr., retired Army/Air Force and Moss Point resident, says, "Doors were warped, we had hardwood floors that was destroyed, and some carpeting that had to be replaced."

The city held a town hall meeting where engineers explained how they were going to fix the problem, but Rose Drive residents are skeptical. Jennings also says, "I’ve been saving newspaper articles where they have been saying they’re going to do this or that, but as I have said before, I’ll believe it when I see it."

Work has begun just up the road from Rose Drive on Webb Street. City officials say crews will work their way towards Rose Drive, but residents see a flaw in their plan. Jennings says, "Everybody is asking, ‘Carry the water north? How is that possible?’” McCreery responds, "You can’t put water uphill. Water won’t go up hill."

The two drainage ditches on Rose Dr. are just not enough, so residents fear that even a short, steady rain can cause major damage to their homes. Jennings also says, "Every time it rains, I get nervous. I wonder how much rain has fallen, how much has collected. I used to enjoy the rain, but no more." McCreery also says, "I put my faith in God when it rains, we just pray."

Luckily for Rose Drive, the Gulf Coast avoided any hurricanes or heavy rains this season, but residents are getting tired of waiting. McCreery closes, "I hope they do their jobs this time. You don’t have to lie to grown people. If you can do it, do it, but if you can’t just say, ‘We can’t do it.’”

News 25 called the alderman of Ward 2 and the Director of Public Works to discuss the project, but was not able to reach them for comment.

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