Moss Point Mayor’s Zoom meeting hacked with racially charged messages

Tonight during a Moss Point board meeting on Facebook Live, Mayor Mario King was surprised with vulgar and racial messages.

Mayor King told News 25 his board meeting on Zoom was hacked. The meeting was broadcast on Facebook Live with over 60 public viewers along with the Board of Aldermen.

The FBI will be investigating this as a hate crime.

Mayor King released a statement saying: “It is unfortunate when we see blatant racism, however, as a black man this is normal for me. I have accepted that this is what I expect here in Mississippi as a educated leader and black leader. I stand strong and tall when faced with adversity. It’s motivation. I have received death threats, racial emails, and letters since running for mayor. I am resilient just like most African Americans. It’s our culture and matriarchal teaching.”

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