Moss Point Mayor Mario King releases statement on death of Judge Shelia Osgood

Moss Point Mayor Mario King has released a statement regarding Judge Shelia Osgood who was murdered inside her home Wednesday.

The statement reads: “We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Honorable Judge Sheila Osgood. Our condolences to her family, friends, coworkers, and all of those impacted.”

“At this time, I am asking that we all honor her family and friends with peace and kindness. I ask that you do not speculate and do not bear false witnesses, spread false information, or use others’ pain as a self-promoting platform during their time of mourning.”

“I also ask that you be respectful of those involved and not promote and post false narratives on social media or gossip as this is still an ongoing investigation and details of this case are confidential.”

“Lastly, I am urging PEACE, LOVE, and TOGETHERNESS during this trying time in our community, state, and country. Let us remember and speak of the good days and joyous moments in time we have shared with all individuals involved. Again, our community mourns the loss of the Honorable Shelia Osgood and will miss her greatly.”


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