Moss Point Mayor Mario King to hold virtual town hall meeting

‘Stop the Violence’ is the outcry from Moss Point Mayor Mario King as he plans to hold a virtual town hall meeting next week to address the issue.

The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. next Tuesday. Mayor King points out the recent spike of violent crimes in the city and took note of how the youth was impacted by this.

He wants to break down why certain kids aren’t participating in virtual learning, being stuck at home alone, among other things.

Mayor King tells News 25 the topic hits close to home because he knew some of the kids who lost their lives to gun violence.

Mayor King goes on to say he’s been in their shoes before, but was guided by his parents and other mentors to travel down the right path. “We need unity more than we need anything. And so I don’t want to get involved in the political context of any of this, I literally just want to save our children. And so, I’m passionate about this. I want to leave my community in a much better way than I found it. We are going to do everything we can by pushing resources towards these parents, towards our school district to see what we can do to stop the violence in our community.”

There will be a series of meetings and events to bring attention to the issue.

A meeting took place today with Mayor King and other Jackson County leaders to discuss plans.

The day after the town hall meeting, there will be a virtual meeting with parents to address how to bring change to the City of Moss Point.

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