Moss Point Mayor Mario King facing lawsuit

Eleven people are suing Moss Point Mayor Mario King over claims of age discrimination and harassment.

The lawsuit was filed July 2nd against Mayor King. Most of the plaintiffs are current or former Moss Point employees.

They accuse King of forcing older employees to retire or resign to hire millennials. They also claim King misused the city’s taxpayer fund.

Some fire department employees allege King told them they’d be fired if they flew the Confederate flag even though they’d never had any association with it or the Mississippi state flag.

King says this is simply not true and he is focused on continuing work to improve the City of Moss Point. “Organizations across the county including municipal organizations deal with adversity. Never the less perseverance is the characteristic of a leader. While common, these lawsuits, claims and false allegations come with the job. It is my job to remain focused, committed, and steadfast on the mission of our community which is improving the quality of life.”

Some city employees filed an equal employment opportunity commission complaint in January. King said in May that the federal investigation didn’t find any violations.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night. News 25’s Victoria Bailey will have the full story at 9 and 10.

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