Moss Point High Students Return to School Tomorrow

Moss Point students will be returning to campus tomorrow, after a fire early Monday morning caused the school to close down for three days. Police are still investigating the cause of the fire but confirm they suspect arson and the Moss Point NAACP is offering their help.
Devastating news took over Moss Point School District early Monday morning when officials received a call about a dangerous fire at the school. Superintendent Dr. Shannon Vincent said, “It was very scary and that’s an understatement. I was shaking driving over and I just didn’t know what to expect. When you think of a fire, you think, okay I’m going to drive up and there’s not going to be anything there. So, it was extremely scary to know that my students would not have a place to go and learn.”
After being out of school for three days, students are set to return to class on Thursday. School officials are taking the necessary safety precautions for both teachers and students. “’A’ hall, as they call it, has been sealed off by an outside company and we’re only to use "B", "C", and "D" halls as well as the cafeteria and the commons area. The principal has re-routed all students to enter the building and exit the building without being in touch with the burned areas,” said Dr. Vincent.
The Jackson County NAACP feels it’s their responsibly to help the police department in this investigation. They are offering a $500 reward to anyone who brings information to the police that leads to an arrest.
NAACP President Curley Clark said, “we felt like something like that happening in our community, you know, was just unacceptable and this community needs to take a stand, we need to come forward and help the law abiding citizens to make a positive endeavor to try and to make sure those types of crimes don’t happen in Moss Point.”
Security cameras were able to show three males inside the school between 11 p.m. and 12:15 a.m. on the night of the fire. Police have yet to make any arrests but are actively following any leads that are reported to the department.
“I was heartbroken because the individual or individuals who did this probably didn’t realize the type of negative impact it had on our young people as far as their education is concerned in Moss Point,” said Clark.
Students will be making up the three days during the school year. Officials have not confirmed when the specific make up dates are occurring.

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