Moss Point Black Lives Matter mural vandalized again

The Black Lives Matter mural painted on the road in front of Moss Point City Hall was vandalized.

The word ‘black’ was painted over and replaced with ‘blue’ in a reference to the police.

Saturday, the city was notified of the changed mural by a few high schoolers who stopped to get pictures with it. This is the second time the mural has been tampered with.

Wednesday, the black fist was painted over by a Moss Point resident who was identified as Tommy Loper.

Moss Point Mayor Mario King, who originally painted the mural on Juneteenth, shares his thoughts on the damage. “We have to recognize and we see it more than anything in smaller communities like Moss Point, the racism that is so apparent and so out there by just, just by what we’ve seen with the Black Lives Matter mural here in Moss Point. There’s murals all across the country, but the murals– the two murals that you’ve seen vandalized the most are Orlando, Florida which is a huge city and then a small city like Moss Point. But they’re vandalized by racist white people.”

Mayor King encourages his community not to respond to hate with hate. Instead, King suggests with peace, love, and an effort to unify.

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