More Tree Art Coming to the Coast

If you were driving along Highway 90 near Jones Park this afternoon, you may have heard the sounds of chainsaws. That was a group of carvers with the company “Artistry in Wood” here to turn a dead oak tree into a nautical themed masterpiece.
This is the same group that came down after Katrina and turned many of the ruined trees into the pieces of art that line the beach. When they got here this morning, they didn’t know what they were going to turn the tree into but after looking at it, they’re working on a diving pelican.
Artistry in Wood CEO Michelle Scoggins said, “They let Dayton choose what he wanted to put in. So, he’s starting off with a diving pelican. Some other things he mentioned and we’ll see the completed project, he talked about at the bottom putting sea turtles, maybe a dolphin, heron, maybe fish.”
If you’re interested in seeing it when it’s done, the finished product should be ready by late tomorrow afternoon.

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