More AP Classes Coming to Mississippi Schools

State education officials believe an important step to prepare Mississippians for college is to provide more Advanced Placement, or AP, classes at the high school level.
Universities around the nation accept AP credit if a student completes the class and makes a certain score on the AP exam.
Currently, schools across the state provide an extremely low number of AP courses to interested students. State Superintendent Dr. Carey Wright is prepared to begin training teachers and students to take these classes. “I’m a firm believer if you open those gates, children will walk through that door and be successful. Obviously, we’re going to need to support our teachers in this because teachers need support when teaching AP classes if they’ve never done it before. And even children, if this is the first time they’ve taken an AP class, you’re going to need support, but that’s something we can do.”
The superintendent says the state is also looking at better access for high school students to enroll in college courses.

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