Moderna vaccine distributed to seniors over 75 in D’Iberville

Thousands of seniors on the Gulf Coast have been vaccinated this week with the Moderna vaccine.

Today at the D’Iberville Community Center, walk-in patients were given their first of two doses.

Memorial had 800 Moderna vaccines at this D’Iberville location today. Doors opened at 9 a.m. St. Martin resident Arlene Stewart received her first dose of the vaccine. “I am so happy. What a relief. We have been so locked in for so long and it’s such a relief and I know we don’t have immunity right now. So, we’ll have to wait a little bit before we can get out of our cage.”

Arlene is a registered nurse. She trusts the medical professionals when they say the vaccine is safe. “I have no reason to be suspicious of the vaccine. It has been tested and I believe in the testing.”

The D’Iberville Community Center allowed patients to walk-in to receive their shot. There was a long line early in the morning, but no line later in the day.

Memorial decided not to do drive-thru vaccinations as a safety precaution, they wanted to be able to get to patients quickly if they had a reaction. Clinic Operations VP Matt Walker said, “There’s no reason for an appointment. There’s no really waiting. You can just park. It’s convenient parking, ease into the building. It’s inside on a cold day and we’ll get you taken care of.”

There was relief in the room. “Go shopping. Go visit my family. Go out with friends. Go out to dinner, do all the things that I used to do that I’m so scared of doing. Don’t hesitate. Just come and get it.”

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