Mobile sports betting bill introduced in Mississippi

The process to allow mobile sports betting in Mississippi is gaining traction once again.

Soon you may be able to participate in sports betting here in Mississippi in the palm of your hand. Coast Senators Scott Delano and Philip Moran have each introduced bills to allow mobile sports betting through gaming operators in the state.

The hope is that a mobile betting law would keep Mississippi up to date in the field of betting especially with neighboring states like Tennessee, which has reported over two million dollars in additional revenue since rolling out a mobile option last November.  Senator Moran said, “I’ve just got to believe that in today’s technology, that if casinos are hooked up with someone that has the ability to provide this mobile sports app, then they can work out their deal with them and the public can then enjoy the ability to bet five dollars on your favorite team if you so choose.”

A total of 14 states and the District of Columbia currently allows mobile betting and the potential for increased state revenue is a primary consideration. Scarlet Pearl Casino Vice President Ben Koff said, “It’s the state and taxes and allowing the state to have this new access to funds, to help with schools, and road works and all these other projects that need to get done.”

Koff describes what the rollout and security for a mobile betting app would look like. “They’ll have the ability to download the app, verify who they are through already recognized platforms and protocols, and then of course be able to place a wager on their favorite game anytime they want to do it.”

Senator Moran is hopeful mobile betting can become law this year, but first his bill has to go through further consideration in committee. “I would certainly love to get a bill out of committee, to bring it to the floor and discuss it, though it takes a while, nothing happens overnight.”

A hope that’s echoed by Ben Koff. “Pretty soon we’re going to be left in the dark, and we can’t be the one left in the dark and lose our customers and our guests choosing to go elsewhere with their casino entertainment dollars.”

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