Mitigating risks as termite season approaches

While it is cooler today, hot and humid weather will be here before we know it, bringing with it unwanted bugs.

Pests, especially termites, create trouble for homeowners. Termite season arrives in the coming weeks and experts say that it is important to trim back shrubbery and check for any leaks around the structure of your home.

With plenty of water in the picture across South Mississippi, mosquitos become the biggest headache in the summer. Redd Pest Solutions Entomologist Ken Davis said, “But there are things around the house that you can do, things to watch for… simple things that people don’t think about like a bird bath. Keeping that water continually cleaned out and fresh. Because any kind of stagnant water is going to attract mosquitoes to lay eggs.”

Other items like kid’s toys, tires, and low areas in the yard can also be trouble spots. Davis says keeping water out of those things will keep the bugs from breeding.

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