Mississippi’s First Lady Attends Super Saver Program

It’s never too early for your kids to get a head start on their education. That was the message first lady Deborah Bryant made today at an “Excel by 5” program for kids and their parents in Biloxi this morning.
Two year old Alex Carroll might not fully grasp the concept of saving money by putting money in a piggy bank, but this simple craft may have sparked ideas of how his mom, Jenny, can teach him life skills in the future. That was the purpose of today’s Super Saver Program with first lady Deborah Bryant.
“You know a lot of times parents, they just can’t get creative enough to think of a lot of things to do with their children and this is constant creativity. It teaches them teaching skills and interaction skills,” said Bryant.
Not only did the toddlers in attendance this morning get to decorate piggy banks, first lady Bryant, a huge advocate for reading, also read the children the story of Corduroy the bear. This event was all in the interest of encouraging parents to read with their children at a young age. “I think they suggest 15 minutes a day, which we try to do a variety of different books. Just helps them learn and be ready for school when it comes,” said Jenny Carroll.
A good way to encourage your kids to read more is by making it a habit and making it a point to put it in your daily routine. Miki Batteen said, “My daughter is in school and I read to her every night when I’m not working.”
Overall, this morning’s program was a hit with both parents and kids. While the children left with a decorated piggy bank and an autographed copy of “Corduroy”, parents walked away with some of their own teaching skills as well.

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