Mississippian Exercise Their Right to Vote Tuesday

Mississippians across the state cast their ballots in Tuesday’s general election to have their say in who will represent them. It’s a right that only 25 full democracies have in the world, and a right people on the Coast don’t take for granted.

Like the old saying goes, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. That’s what Congressman Steven Palazzo told reporters while voting in his hometown of Biloxi Tuesday morning to encourage people to get out and vote. Palazzo says, "Exercise your constitutional right. A lot of blood’s been spilt for our freedoms in our nation and you owe it to those who have come before us and those who are going to come after us."

Potentially heading into his third term, Palazzo feels he has a good grip on what Mississippi voters want. He also says, "They want limited government, they want less taxes, less regulation, they want less government in their lives, they want their guns left alone, and they want us to close the border, and I agree with everything they want."

So far, poll workers say more people are voting in Tuesday’s election then the last. One precinct in Gulfport had an average of 80 voters per hour. Betty Towery, Precinct Manager, says, "We’re over 300 and that’s a good turnout for this time of the day."

Some people aren’t shy when it comes to the reason why they voted. Bill Stewart, a Harrison County voter, says, “I want to change the people in the government. The government’s okay, it’s the people running the government I don’t like, simple as that."

Towery also says, "I feel like a lot of people want to vote because they feel like it’s their duty and then we have other people that come to vote because they don’t like who is in there and they want to get them out."

Mississippians will decide who’s in and who’s out Tuesday night.

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