Mississippi Test Scores on the Rise

Good news in education as Mississippi’s fourth grade reading and math scores improve on the latest nation’s report card, bucking a national trend of declines.
The results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress were released today and the assessments given are considered one of the most reliable ways of comparing academic performance.
While scores remain near the bottom among all states, Mississippi was the only state to show significant improvement since 2013 and local teachers are excited. Fourth grade teacher at Jeff Davis Elementary School Sherrie Treigle said, “As soon as I came in, one of the other teachers had informed me that the results had come out and she was very excited. Especially fourth grade reading and math, that’s what I teach, so I’m super excited. We’re always looked down upon that we’re at the bottom of the list and for us to show improvement is a great deal.”
While the improvement is encouraging, the State Board of Education maintains it is crucial we keep challenging our students and making even more progress to get our state off the bottom of the list when it comes to education.

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