Mississippi Task Force 3 returns from Louisiana

This afternoon in Biloxi, the Mississippi Task Force 3 returned back home after helping Hurricane Laura victims in Louisiana.

The Mississippi Task Force 3 made the trek to southern Louisiana to help bring aid to victims of Hurricane Laura. Their main focus was completed as they set out to assess the damage. BFD Deputy Chief of Training Nick Geiser said, “I don’t want to say it is common place because it isn’t every day that we save a life, but that’s what we train for and that’s what we prepared for. And as a task force, that’s what we really focus on is saving lives and property if we can, that sort of thing. That’s why we do what we do.”

Although a natural disaster is not ideal, the task force feels prepared that they are able to handle these situations because of the training they receive. Task Force Member Chuck Parker said, “You pray to God that you never have to be needed in a situation like this, but when you do, there is a good sense of accomplishment that you were able to put that training to use and then it’s not mothballed and we have a good team. Mississippi has an excellent team. We mesh together extremely well and we work together well.”

As the members of the task force return to their homes this evening, they realize that suffering tragedy from a natural disaster is not a foreign concept to the state of Mississippi. “We typically try to do is get us all together to where we are on one common playing field. We all know what the next person is going to go do when they go do it. Our mission is just to go and do that same thing, repay what was happening down here 15 years ago for Katrina.”

Southern Louisiana residents will now start their rebuilding process after the task forces of multiple states assessed the damage.

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