Mississippi State students upgrading ventilators for COVID-19 patients

In an effort to help those hit hard by the Coronavirus, students at Mississippi State University are making sure hundreds of ventilators can last longer.

Students at the High Voltage Lab will upgrade ventilators with a switch that can go from battery power to electric power. On battery power, the device can only last 48 hours.

The lab manager said the option to flip the switch will benefit both hospital workers and Coronavirus patients.

David Wallace, the manager of the High Voltage Lab, said his team is working day and night to convert more than 300 ventilators. “It gives us the opportunity to put our engineering knowledge to use, to do something that’s going to be helpful. It’s a wonderful experience for them so anything we can do to help others all the better.”

Wallace said he recruited about ten students to finish converting the ventilators. They just started Friday and hope to be finished soon.

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