Mississippi state health officials receive COVID-19 vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in Mississippi and is shipping to hospitals and nursing homes.

State health officials received the first vaccine in the state on camera this afternoon in an effort to show Mississippians they are safe.

MSDH Immunization Nurse Lois Moore administered the shots during a news conference Monday afternoon as part of the nation’s largest vaccination campaign.

The vaccine will be used for healthcare workers dealing with COVID-19 patients and the highly vulnerable older population in nursing home care.

The Pfizer vaccinations require two doses. Dr. Thomas Dobbs said a second dose is due after three weeks. “We’re extremely excited to not only have a vaccine that’s extremely effective based on the clinical studies but also, seems to have a very favorable side effect profile. Now to be honest, we know that Dr. Byers and I and Jim, expect that maybe we’ll have some swelling after the shot and maybe even have a little bit of achiness tomorrow. But, that’s so much worth it. We know how deadly, devastating and disruptive coronavirus has been for the state of Mississippi.”

Deliveries were expected Monday in all 50 states with Mississippi receiving an initial 25,000 doses that will go to frontline healthcare workers exposed to the virus.

Dobbs said he expects Monday to also start inoculating those in nursing homes and other long-term care settings.

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