Mississippi Sound Coalition meets

The Mississippi Sound Coalition met this morning to discuss the state of the Coast and Mississippi Sound.

2019 marked a time of trials for many on the Mississippi Coast with the openings of the Bonnet Carre Spillway and subsequent algal blooms in the Mississippi Sound.

Now in 2020, the Mississippi Sound Coalition is keeping the public informed and proposing many solutions. Mississippi Sound Coalition Chairman Marlin Ladner said, “We’re trying to get together and come up with some ideas to help mitigate the problems that exist on the Mississippi Sound.”

Today’s coalition meeting at IMMS in Gulfport allowed local industry leaders and the public to hear updates on pending litigation and fisheries disaster laws pending in Congress. Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United Executive Director Ryan Bradley said, “I think 2020 is a great opportunity for us to advance some of that legislation. We’re seeing a lot of alliances in the House and the Senate that I think’s going to be a great opportunity for us to move the needle forward.”

On the top of the agenda was a resolution urging Mississippi’s congressional delegation to support the Mississippi Sound and Lake Pontchartrain Protection Act of 2020.

The act is designed to give local governments and the public the chance to participate in policy decisions that affect local ecosystems and economies and asks for a Corps of Engineers environmental impact study to consider other means of flood control. “This here would actually help us have a voice when they make those decisions.”

Something the coalition agrees will help protect the way of life for many Coastal residents.“We can’t sit by and let this happen continuously and affect our coastal area, which is so important to both tourism, economically, and culturally.”

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