Mississippi Senior Olympics athletes competing on the golf course

Today, athletes from across the state competed on the golf course for the 2022 Senior Olympic Games.

News 25 stopped by Sunkist Country Club this morning as golfers were heading out to tee off.

Over 50 senior golfers 50 and older from across the state came together for the competition. The winners of today’s tournament will qualify to play in the Pittsburgh National Games.

Terry Hodges has played golf in the Senior Olympics for the past 15 years. He’s out on the greens, not only because of his love for the sport, but also getting to see his friends year after year. “It’s really, really fun to play with these guys. I get a lot of the old timers that we haven’t seen in a year and it’s just some good team spirit. We’ve built a lot of friendships over the years.”

There are still plenty of events on the calendar for the Mississippi Senior Olympics like swimming, cycling, and bowling.

The events will wrap up at the end of May and in each sport the winners advance to nationals and the competition continues.

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