Mississippi Senator goes Cruisin’

Cruisin’ the Coast is the place to be and even Mississippi senators agree.
Senator Philip Moran has been bringing cars to Cruisin’ the Coast for over 20 years now. This year, the senator and his son, Diamondhead City Councilman Alan Moran, were showing off their 1970 Chevelle LS6.
Senator Moran says he’s spent hours working on this car and has turned nearly every nut and bolt on it to make it is just what he wants. “Everybody sort of has a car that they want, a color that they want, and it is fun to build one and to be able to ride it in and enjoy it. You know, Cruisin’ the Coast has turned into a really great event. One of the very top tourism deals that takes place in our state.”
Senator Moran also takes his Chevelle to the Power Tour which is a multi-state car show.

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