Mississippi schools remain closed statewide at least through April 17th

In light of the Coronavirus, schools throughout Mississippi are out until at least April 17th. Governor Tate Reeves signed the order today.

Gulfport School District Superintendent Glen East said, “I wouldn’t even call it a closure we’re saying that we’re just delivering education in a different way.”

The domino effects of COVID-19 continue to be felt across the nation including in education. “We first received a resolution from the governor to close down for five days this week. We already began talking to our district two or three weeks ago about how we could provide education from school to home without any school sites available.”

Mississippi reported 50 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus as of Thursday, up from 34 on Wednesday. Governor Tate Reeves signed the order Thursday to help cut down the spread of the virus. “So, when that resolution hit we put into place our action plan and actually delivered what we called our distribution collection day. Tuesday, parents can come by in a car line and pick up their work, get their computers to begin online.”

The Gulfport School District also implemented its food distribution Thursday, feeding 250 for breakfast and more than 800 students at lunch.

In the Harrison County School District, Superintendent Roy Gill says his district is prepared to do what it takes for the safety of the students. “We were out for Hurricane Katrina for almost five weeks, so we’ve been through things like this before. Our teachers and all have stepped up immensely. Everyone has chipped in and asked what can we do? We’re in the process of putting things in place. Our report cards are being mailed out Monday and each child will also receive a list of resources that can help them.”

Both superintendents say the most important thing here is that safety comes first. East said, “At the end of the day our friendships and shaking hands and sitting around having a good time kind of needs to lay back a little bit so we can weather the storm the best we can.”

Gill said, “Don’t stress. There’s so much more in life than stressing. We can get you caught up and we will take the necessary steps to make sure that all of our kids are successful.”

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