Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Stops on the Coast

Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef says he’s excited to lead the southern region of the Republican National Committee.
Nosef just returned from Washington D.C. where he participated in the Republican National Committee winter meetings. That’s where he was elected to lead the southern region of the RNC as vice chair of the committee.
He made a stop on the Coast today meeting with municipal candidates and stopped by the WXXV studio to discuss his newly elected position and the upcoming municipal races this year. “I’m one of the two leaders of the southern region. They have male and female co-leaders so there are 14 states. It’s the most important region really in the country for the Republican Party. I’m really excited about that. It’s a big honor for me and I think the state party, we have all of our RNC members active, Henry Barbour, Jeannie Lucky. So I’m trying to be able to hopefully do my part and of course the governor was very supportive too,” said Nosef.
Joe Nosef will be on the Coast for the rest of the week meeting with Harrison County Republicans and municipal election candidates.

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