Mississippi Ranked 8th in Nation for Worst Roads

Mississippi roads could use some repairs and upgrades. This, according to the Consumer Affairs research team, after conducting a study to reveal which states in the nation have the worst roads. Mississippi made the top 10, ranked as the 8th worst state when it comes to road conditions. Ranking was based on several factors: how much each state spends per mile of road, the number of motor crash fatalities in each state, the percentage of total capital spending toward roadway expansion and repair and a survey with 1,418 consumers throughout the U.S. about road conditions near them.

Some findings:

  • Mississippi spends about $21 dollars per mile of road.
  • 30% of state roads are in poor condition.
  • 29% of state are in good condition.

Here’s what Mississippi residents had to say: In Gulfport, the roads need repair and when repairs are started it takes years for a project to be completed.
In Hattiesburg, there are far too many potholes, ramps and just generally broken up roads.Consumer Affairs decided to do this study because the holiday travel season is just around the corner.

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