Mississippi Power temporarily suspending service disconnections

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to spread, Mississippi Power assures customers of its comprehensive plans and procedures in place to ensure the continuation of service.

Mississippi Power temporarily suspended service disconnections for customers, meaning service will be maintained until the company can re-evaluate the policy and time frame as the situation develops.

The facility is also canceling tours and external meetings, increased cleaning at company locations, and canceled all non-essential business travel.

Mississippi Power Spokesperson Jeff Shepard says they are doing everything they can to serve the community while monitoring employees’ health and wellness. “In times like this the last thing that people need to be doing is worrying about their power. So, we have got plans in place and employee population that is ready to respond to all types of situations and crisis. This pandemic is no different.”

Mississippi Power is coordinating with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on prevention recommendations for employees’ health and safety.

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