Mississippi Power Set to Assist Florida

Mississippi Power is sending 80 servicemen to Florida this afternoon to assist their sister company Gulf Power due to Hurricane Hermine.
The crew from Mississippi will ride out the initial impact of Hermine and quickly go to work, helping to minimize damage and any disruption of service in the most affected areas.
Mississippi Power is not only sending men, but plenty of spare parts and supplies in case the storm damages power line components when it makes landfall in Florida. Mississippi Power Spokesman Jeff Shepard said, “We’ve been monitoring this storm for the last week or so. We have the opportunity to, while we can still provide the service to our customers that they’re used to receiving, keeping the lights on in Mississippi, we can also send some resources over to the Florida panhandle to help out our sister company, Gulf Power. It’s all part of the mutual assistance network.”
The men being sent are members of crews that Mississippi Power trains to go across the country to perform services in all forms of bad weather.

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