Mississippi Power offering tips to prepare for freezing temperatures

With freezing temperatures entering our area, it is important to take action ahead of time to ensure you and your family are safe.

Mississippi Power is offering tips to keep you warm during the cold weather.

It is important to remember the four Ps: people, pets, pipes, and plants. Make sure to check on your neighbors, family, friends and pets. You can prevent pipes from freezing by allowing the faucet to drip during freezing temperatures. Also bring in or cover any sensitive plants.

If you are going to use a space heater turn it off when you leave and keep objects away from it. Mississippi Power Public Relations Communications Specialist Kaila Moran Griffith said, “Maybe they want to take advantage of their fireplace this weekend. This may be one of the few weekends that you can light a fire in your home. If you do, first we want to make sure that everything around the fireplace area is clear and safe. While your fire is burning you want to go ahead and open the damper, but when you are done with your fireplace you want to make sure that the damper is closed.”

Mississippi Power also suggests putting weather strips around doors and windows.

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