Mississippi Power honors MLK Day of Service

Year after year, Mississippi Power doesn’t take the MLK holiday off, they volunteer!

Employees use this celebratory day to give back to the communities they serve.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Mississippi Power had to be creative when finding ways to volunteer in honor of MLK’s Day of Service. The Coast Chapter volunteer group provided funding for a landscaping crew to work at Gaston point Elementary School in Gulfport.

The general office volunteer group provided funding for one hundred smoke detectors so Harrison County Fire Department can distribute them to those in need.

Many other community connections groups from Mississippi power across the state committed to continuing service today. Mississippi Power Public Relations Officer Kaila Moran Griffith said, “We want to serve our community. Martin Luther King Jr. made some tremendous contributions to our society. So this is a day for us to reflect on those and to really give back to our community in a way. Our employees volunteer on different projects throughout the year but this is kind of a day where we all chip in together, we’re all contributing to something at the same time and we’re still reaching out to our local non-profits seeing what they need and seeing how we can serve them.”

Mississippi power will follow up with completing the beautification of Gaston Elementary School later this month.

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