Mississippi Power employees give back to the community

Since Saturday, Mississippi Power, along 23 counties in the state, has been serving their communities as a part of Southern Company’s ‘Week of Service.’

Moving dirt and lending a helping hand, that’s what Mississippi Power’s ‘Southern Week of Service’ is all about. They already have close to 700 hours under their belts. Mississippi Power Coast Community Connection President Miranda Lee said, “Southern Company kinda got together and decided they wanted to see just how big of an impact all of their employees could have in the communities that they serve.”

Lee may have only had a paintbrush in her hand today as they put the finishing touches on a Gulfport Habitat for Humanity home, but she is a distribution engineer and the president of the Coast chapter of Mississippi Power’s Community Connection.

Lee says this is only a small portion of what they do throughout this year to give back to South Mississippi. “We try to make sure that every one of them is something that they can do with the skills that they already have. That is being able to make an impact, you don’t have to go out and learn something new, you are just getting to be yourself and getting to make an impact for the community you are a part of.”

For Stacey Miles, this project is two-fold as a 23-year employee of Mississippi Power and a board member for Habitat for Humanity. “We thrive when we all thrive together. Habitat equips people and empowers people to understand what it means to have and own a home and sustain a home. That just makes us all stronger as a community.”

To be able to share her love for these projects, while getting new experiences, like working a bobcat, makes it all worthwhile. “I love when I come to one of these sites and get to do something new and learn a new skill. To try something that I have never before.”

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