Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign stepping up efforts to combat inequality

In the wake of recent events, the Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign,a statewide campaign, is stepping up its efforts to combat inequality.

The Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign is one of 43 state chapters across the country dedicated to fighting against systematic racism, economic inequality, and other issues that affect minority and economically disadvantaged communities.

Now, outreach for the campaign is a top priority, including holding town hall meetings with state residents to discuss issues relevant to Mississippians.

National Organizer Danyelle Holmes says the state flag coming down is a positive and there’s an optimistic future for the state, but more work needs to be done in terms of policy. “We must begin to move towards changes in policies that will really make a significant difference in the lives of Mississippians. And so we celebrate small victories, but we know that we can’t rest on our accomplishments because what we did last year or yesterday isn’t sufficient for what needs to happen on today.”

More information on the Mississippi Poor People’s project can be found at poorpeoplescampaign.org.

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