Mississippi Not Ready to Issue Marriage Licenses for Same Sex Couples

In a historic 5-4 ruling today, the Supreme Court of the United States found bans on marriage equality unconstitutional, bringing rights to same sex couples nationwide.
But a hold up in Mississippi is preventing same sex couples from getting marriage licenses. News 25 spoke with couples at the Harrison County Circuit Clerks Office today.
It’s a bittersweet day for same sex couples in Mississippi as the nation celebrates a Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, but a hold up in Mississippi is putting the marriage certificates on hold.
Celeste Swaim is one of the people seeking a marriage license today: “We came here at 9 o’clock when the ruling was official from the Supreme Court, we walked in to get a marriage licenses, and the ladies in the office were more than happy to help us. When they contacted the attorney general’s office, that’s when there was a problem.”
While some Mississippi county clerks are issuing the marriage licenses, state Attorney General Jim Hood says that they will not be effective until a prior decision made by the 5th Circuit Court is lifted. Harrison County Deputy Circuit Clerk Connie Ladner said, “So, we are waiting on further instruction and direction from the attorney’s office of the state of Mississippi, and as soon as we get the ok from that office, we are ready to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.”
Local members of the LGBTQ community tell News 25 they’re disappointed by the state, but they know this is not the end of their fight.
Jeff White, former Rainbow Center executive director, said, “It’s just like with other cases in the past, there have been so many thing that Mississippi has tried to stop and this is not going to be one of them. We have too many people that have worked on this, that have slaved and toiled and given their lives for this and we have too many people that have denied this right for so long, that we’re not stopping now.”

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