Mississippi National Guard on Standby

As a precaution, Governor Phil Bryant has issued an executive order to mobilize the Mississippi National Guard to assist with any needed high water rescues.
Today, Lieutenant Colonel Jody Mike Smith joined the governor in the press conference saying the Mississippi National Guard has 82 active duty personnel on the Coast ready to respond and assist with any emergencies. Lt. Colonel Smith says he hopes flood waters won’t cause a major threat to coastal counties but the National Guard is prepared if it does. “We have high water vehicles. They have a lot of clearance so when you have a lot of rain and people get in the low lying areas where they get washed out, our vehicles are able to go in and assist people in getting extracted. We call it high water rescue. It could be getting them out of a house, getting them out of a car and we assist the local emergency managers doing that.”
Lt. Colonel Smith also says it is important to remember the phrase “don’t drown, turn around.’ If you see water and you can’t see the bottom of the road, turn around and be safe. Lt. Colonel Smith says not only could you put your life in danger but you could also put a first responder’s life in danger.

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