Mississippi National Guard discusses COVID-19 adjustments

Members of the Mississippi National Guard are sharing their experiences as they play a role in managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, the Guard has assisted in COVID response when needed, including at COVID-19 vaccination sites in South Mississippi and statewide.

National Guard members say one big adjustment they’ve had to make over the last year is recruitment in schools due to tighter virus restrictions.

A job outreach program is also helping state guard members find full-time employment including in the medical field in a tough employment environment. SSG. Jacob Bookout said, “For me, it shows how quick we can respond, whether it’s the state-level emergency or a national level, we’re out here to get the job done.”

SSG. Dustin Cooley said, “We have the 68-Whiskey program, which is a medic, or healthcare specialist, when they come back from training from that, they’re going to be certified nationally in the EMT program.”

More than 800 National Guard soldiers in Mississippi are administering vaccines at 20 sites across the state wide.

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