Mississippi Municipal League Conference

More than 3,000 people from our state are on the Coast this week for the 88th annual Mississippi Municipal League Conference.

The MML Conference is offered to any elected city official, state agency representatives, legislators, or exhibitors. The conference provides 60 education classes. There is also a chance to hear from candidates for statewide officers during their ‘stump speeches’ that go throughout the conference.

MML represents 293 cities, towns, and village governments in our state. Leaders of the conference say learning from one another can be the best part of the conference. MML President Glen Barlow said, ‘The thing that is really important is for the small communities, we are able to interact with folks that have, you know, thousands of folks in their towns and so the networking is just outstanding.”

The theme this year is ‘hitting a home run with home rule’ which focuses on keeping everything local to your town or city in the know within your government.

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