Mississippi and Medical Marijuana

Sixty-eight percent of the nation has approved medical marijuana and Mississippi is still not one of them. Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson has taken a strong stance in the campaign for medical marijuana.

Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson has taken a strong stance in the campaign for medical marijuana.

With Georgia set to become the latest state to legalize medical marijuana, Mississippi still sits among just 16 other states yet to approve it. Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson is one of the most vocal politicians in South Mississippi when it comes to medical marijuana legalization. “This is an opportunity to give people medicine that they could really use and I don’t think there’s any reason why government should be getting in between patients and their doctors.”

Dobson sits on the advisory board for the Medical Marijuana 2020 Initiative in Mississippi, a campaign advocating for medical marijuana use to be on the docket in the 2020 election. “I’m very confident that if we can get the medical marijuana on the ballot it will pass. It’s just getting people engaged, letting people know that this is an opportunity to pass medical marijuana here in the state.”

The many claims of success involving medical marijuana is not just through word of mouth. Dr. Philip Levin said, “Multiple double blind studies have shown that marijuana has great effect on multiple illnesses. That’s how it became approved by so many states in the nation because it has been proven safe and effective.”

Here in Mississippi, the only derivative of medical marijuana allowed is CBD oil which is extracted from the cannabis plant and used to relieve pain and to dampen the effects of some serious diseases. Your Own CBD Owner Brittany Bailey said, “Commonly people are using it with inflammation and joints, but it also helps to release serotonin naturally so it can help with your moods. It can help with anxiety. I use it for epilepsy so holistically it does a whole lot of things at once.”

Sparked by her own medical issues and her own success with CBD oil, Bailey left her job as a teacher to open up Gulfport’s only exclusive CBD store. “I’ve had seizures for 20 years and so I started taking it, not sure what was going to happen. Now, my journey four months down the line is I’m seizure free.”

As the 2020 election moves closer, the Medical Marijuana Initiative continues to succeed, gathering over 76,000 signatures in support of the cause.

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