Mississippi Maritime Museum announces first executive director

The Mississippi Maritime Museum announces Lorren West as their first executive director.

West has an extensive background in college education management. She’s worked in colleges across the country and served as president of one for 18 years.

She’s hoping to utilize her management skills as well as her passion for all things sea-faring.

West has been working with the museum since October where they are currently working on real estate development. They are also in the middle of exhibit creation.

The museum is a nonprofit maritime museum and West says their goal is to preserve and promote Mississippi’s 300 years of maritime. “We’re going to be using our platform to educate surrounding communities on all different job opportunities, so many to count from shipbuilding to fishing. Another great opportunity for the Coast at the moment is that this will develop into a tourist attraction.”

Those involved with the museum hope it will be not only recognized by the state, but the world.

The museum is in the old Pascagoula High School and if everything sails smoothly they’ll be open in 2023.

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