Mississippi Lottery president talks funds and upcoming chances

The president of the Mississippi Lottery Jeff Hewitt paid a visit to WXXV to talk about the success of the Mississippi Lottery.

Hewitt says the lottery exceeded the state’s revenue expectations this year.

When jackpots rise, people are more likely to try different avenues to win, such as scratch-offs and that’s what can lead to a rise in revenue.

Each year, the state allocates the first $80 million in lottery revenue for infrastructure and the rest of the funds raised go to education.

Hewitt also said the lottery is always looking for ways to keep people interested, which is why they’ll likely be bringing back the Cruisin’ the Coast scratch offs. “I think everybody at the lottery we’re just, we’re really proud of what we do. We enjoy the business. It’s a fun business, but it’s also rewarding to know that the funds that we do raise go to the good causes they were intended to go to. So, it’s quite an interesting job. We do stuff that’s fun. There are not many jobs where people will stand around the water cooler and said ‘Hey, if I win that, this is what I’m going to do with all that money.'”

Hewitt reminds players the most important value of the Mississippi Lottery is for everyone to play responsibly.

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