Mississippi Highway Patrol demonstrates the importance of wearing seatbelts

The Mississippi Highway Patrol put on a demonstration at today’s Battle of the Badges blood drive that could also help save lives.

This vehicle simulates a rollover accident with an adult and child passenger inside.

Neither of the dummies is wearing a seatbelt, this demonstration clearly shows the deadly consequences of a rollover accident with a vehicle traveling at just 30 miles an hour. MS Highway Patrol Trooper Cal Robertson said, “We use these to demonstrate the importance of the use of seatbelts. Drivers of all ages are out here today watching. We have adult drivers. We have young drivers. It is a great tool to teach why you should wear your seatbelt.”

The MHP has been using this simulation demonstration for years to show the importance of wearing your seatbelt.

MHP leaders say the demo hits home and has saved lives.

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