Mississippi Heroes recognizes woman for 44 years in health care

A lot of emotion and tears were shed while celebrating a caregiver hero at Memorial Hospital.

Co-workers and family expressed their appreciation for a special superhero in their lives as they thanked her for her sacrifices and work ethic she has given over the years.

Jennifer Dumal started at Memorial Hospital at 17 years old as a ward clerk while she was in college to be an English teacher. After a year, she decided to switch her major and join the medical field.

Dumal has worked at the hospital for 44 years and for 41 of those years, she worked as a cardiac nurse.

Dumal was nominated by her daughter, who is also in the medical field. “I don’t think my children think of me as a hero. My children are really my heroes. Both of my daughters are really healthcare heroes. I hope I haven’t taken much away from their life in these 44 years here, but I focused on the hospital many times as they were growing up. So, I’m glad they perceive that as a hero.”

Dumal is known for her long hours she puts in at the hospital, but since today was a special occasion, she planned to spend the rest of her day with her granddaughter who came for the celebration.

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