Mississippi Heroes celebrates family caregivers like heroes

Are you or do you know a family caregiver? A new local nonprofit organization wants to celebrate you.

It’s called Mississippi Heroes and it all starts with our community.

Family, friends, and businesses can nominate the caregiver in their lives to receive a day of fun specially tailored towards them.

MS Heroes is partnering with local businesses, like Ship Island Excursions, to grant the caregivers’ wishes.

After caring for her grandmother for many years, Founder Katherine Sutton began the nonprofit this year and says it is a great way to not only recognize these unsung heroes, but to support local businesses. “COVID, quarantine, 2020 has been a tough year for everybody in every aspect. So businesses are struggling, people are being isolated, this is a great feel-good way to boost business, way to bring the community back to life. We are doing our first fundraiser, it’s called “Flight of the Gulf Coast,’ and we are selling tickets for $5.”

To purchase a ticket to win free drinks, appetizers, and many other items along the Coast or to nominate a caregiver visit www.mississippiheroes.org.

The first wish reveal granted to a caregiver is a dolphin cruise through Ship Island Excursions.

Dolphin cruises will continue every weekend now through Thanksgiving weekend.

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