Mississippi Gulf Coast Winter Classic Dog Show kicks off tomorrow

The 11th annual Mississippi Gulf Coast Winter Classic Dog Show hosted by the Kennel Club in Gulfport is tomorrow, December 4th through Sunday, December 6th.

The Kennel Club is expecting over 600 show dogs at their Winter Classic Dog Show this weekend at the Harrison County Fairgrounds in Gulfport.

The usual two-day event has grown to three days of dog judging and showing.

Everyone is asked to wear a mask, sign a waiver and get temperature checks each day they attend. The show is described as a show and go, where, due to COVID, dog handlers can only be around when it is their designated time.

The Winter Classic is still expected to be a lot of fun. Dogs are coming to the Coast from all over the country to compete.  Mississippi Gulf Coast Kennel Club Secretary Mary Beth Lanassa said, “It’s going to be exciting for us. We usually have a two day show and we usually only have maybe 400 dogs. So, this is going to be exciting for us. Because of COVID, a lot of the dog showing was canceled and it is just now starting. My last show was at the Madison Square Garden in February and after that everything shut down. So, a lot of people are anxious to get their dogs out here.”

The three-day winter classic is preparing a safe and fun dog show keeping in mind your safety and the safety of your pup.

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