Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area Grant

The Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area is seeking applicants for its grants program. This is part of the group’s mission to promote understanding and enhancement of the heritage areas in our lower six South Mississippi counties.
Grants range from $500 to $50,000 and are available for qualifying governments, universities and non-profit groups.
This marks the second year of the program, but results are springing up already. Last year, the Disability Connection nonprofit was one of the grant recipients and the money has already been put to good use.
A project called Heritage Tours, which has been underway for months now, to help pinpoint good tourist spots for those with disabilities is nearing completion. Disability Connection Executive Director Janie O’Keefe said, “They’re for everyone, but with special attention for people with disabilities. We’re doing a documentary and filming. We’ll have brochures and information on our website. We will identify locations in the southern six counties and how it is accessible for people with disabilities.”
The website, brochures and other information are set to be available by October.
Disability Connection leaders plan to give the community a sneak peek before the official launch. They’re also hoping to secure another grant this year to help expand the program and promote tourism in South Mississippi.

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