Mississippi Gulf Coast Beekeeping Association offering beekeeping classes

Are you looking for a new hobby in 2022 that’s the bee’s knees?

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Beekeeping Association is holding four free beekeeping 101 classes at First Baptist Church. “Having over 70 participants in the very first class, i think it says people are looking for something to do. Something that they can get interested in, that can help the environment, the bees and everybody and get something sweet out of it too.”

Bob Collins from the Mississippi Gulf Coast Beekeeping Association says he is always impressed by the work of honey bees. Through the four classes, participants will learn what it takes to be a beekeeper, how to care for a hive, and much more. “Bees are very interesting. We actually had a 12-year-old in class say bees are awesome. Once you get into it learning about the honey bees, they are very fascinating. They have a perfect society. Every one works for the betterment of the colony. ”

The second session is scheduled for Saturday, January 22nd. For Collins, these classes provide more than knowledge and facts. He says it is the overwhelming sense of community that keeps people coming back. “I’ve been in a few clubs before, but beekeepers, everyone I’ve been around are phenomenal, the nicest people around. They want to help you. They’re interested in what you’re doing, what you’ve learned and how to learn from each other.”

Even if you missed the first session, you can still sign up at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Beekeeping Association’s Facebook page. The fourth session will include a field class with hands-on work with honey bees.

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