Mississippi Flag Lawsuit

“Take it down” was the rallying cry at the Mississippi state capitol in Jackson Tuesday.
The state flag is now at the heart of a federal lawsuit.

In the shadow of the state flag, a large crowd gathered on the steps of the capitol.

Carlos Moore, an attorney from Grenada, filed a federal lawsuit that states the confederate battle emblem on the state flag is unconstitutional and puts African Americans in danger of racial violence.

Carlos Moore filed lawsuit as he said, “The flag is history. We have a unified flag and we are going to go on and build this state and this nation together. As you see, together, we stand and divided we fall.”

In 2001, Mississippi residents voted to keep the flag’s current design.

Renewed calls to change it surged last year after the church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina.

A representative from that state called the lawsuit a new crusade.

Rep. Justin Bamberg District 90, South Carolina
“Mr. Governor, if you are listening, I urge you to exhibit true leadership; not leadership in name only.”

A Baltimore Pastor said all Americans should be outraged the Mississippi flag continues to fly.

However, a spokesman for the sons of confederate veterans doesn’t believe this lawsuit will have any impact.

“I don’t think the lawsuit will go anywhere. I think the judge will look at this as a state issue and something that has already been decided by the citizens of the state of Mississippi in 2001.”

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