Mississippi Dept. of Health releases timeline of phases for COVID-19 vaccinations

(WXXV) — Mississippi is following a phased approach to prioritizing COVID-19 vaccinations.

As the Mississippi State Department of Health continues to receive and distribute both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, they will be first distributed to healthcare workers and the residents and staff of long-term care facilities.

Each phase is designed to balance the protection of those most at risk from COVID-19 with the protection of those who maintain essential functions of the community such as healthcare, education, law enforcement, food supply and transportation.

Mississippi is currently in Phase 1a. Healthcare workers include a broad range of physicians, nurses, and clinical and facility staff in any setting where COVID-19 exposure is a risk. Long-term care facilities include nursing homes, personal care homes, assisted living, and similar group living settings for older adults or those with special health conditions.

As more vaccine arrives over the coming weeks, vaccinations will be expanded to other groups such as older adults, essential workers, and those with chronic diseases which raise their risk of serious illness from COVID-19.

Who Can Be Vaccinated

  • Individuals 16 and older can receive the Pfizer vaccine, and those 18 and over can receive the Moderna vaccine.
  • Pregnant women, lactating women and those who are immunocompromised may take the vaccine; however, consultation with your healthcare provider is recommended.

Who Should Not Be Vaccinated

  • You should not take the vaccine if you have had severe reactions from previous vaccines or injectable medications.

When and Where You Can Be Vaccinated

  • Many health facilities will arrange vaccinations for their staff on-site. Check with your facility if you are a healthcare worker.
  • Healthcare workers can also be vaccinated at one of our drive-through vaccination sites beginning January 4.
  • Look for MSDH’s announcements on our website and in the news on when vaccinations are available for other groups, where to go for your vaccination, and how to make an appointment.

If You Have Already Had COVID-19

  • You can be vaccinated if you have tested positive for COVID-19 if you wait until your isolation period is over and your symptoms have significantly improved.

What to Expect

  • Two vaccinations, 21 to 28 days apart (depending on type of vaccine) will be required for full effectiveness.
  • Like most vaccines, you should expect some soreness and fatigue for up to a day after vaccination, a sign that the body is developing a proper immune response.
  • Large-scale testing of the vaccine has found no major side effects to the vaccine
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