Mississippi Center for Justice on BP Oil Spill Recovery

Another local legal group has also been hard at work since the 2010 oil spill, the Mississippi Center for Justice.
Throughout the past five years, the group has provided legal advice and counsel to more than 6,000 small businesses and people who were having difficulty navigating the complex claims system.
Just after the spill, the center organized the Gulf Justice Consortium, a group that focuses on the oil spill and local recovery.
Reilly Morse, president and CEO of the Mississippi Center for Justice told News 25 the BP oil spill recovery is still on going in our area. “Well, the Gulf Coast has had three horrible challenges. Katrina, the economic collapse and the BP oil spill. Folks have had great difficulty really getting momentum going forward. I think the biggest challenge for the Gulf Coast, overall, is to attract that momentum and keep it going and make sure that this recovery is a recovery for everybody and not just for those at the top of the chain.”
Many businesses and corporations have expressed plans to use it for economic development but Morse is encouraging local leaders to consider dividing the money among groups that, he says, need it most.

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