Mississippi Burn Ban

A statewide burn ban is in effect for Mississippi and two additional house fires in Harrison County add to rapidly increasing concerns over these fires.
Conditions are currently hazardous because of the recent low humidity and lack of rain. In the last five days, the southeast district of Mississippi has seen over 40 fires, wood and structure, destroying thousands of acres of land in the state.
Forestry commission officials say it’s not only the amount of fires that is hard to control; it’s also the size of them. Southeast District Director for the Forestry Commission Mike Lee said, “The same conditions that cause a lot more fires to occur, also those conditions make it very difficult to get fires out. There’s a lot more equipment and man power that has to be brought there to do it and that’s equipment and man power that cannot respond as quickly and easily somewhere else, so we have to move crews around.”
Officials urge residents to refrain from outdoor burning until this burn ban is lifted.

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