Mississippi Association of Supervisors Convention Took Place Today

County Supervisors from all over the state of Mississippi are in Biloxi this week for the 86th Annual Mississippi Association of Supervisors Convention.
The Coast Coliseum Convention Center is filled with over 100 exhibits providing information and resources needed to run a county. It’s a way for elected officials from across the state to convene and discuss hot topics. The hot topic this year: The DOC Commissioner Marshall Fisher’s recent budget cutting move to cut the Joint State County Inmate Worker Program.
“We did a cost figure on what it would cost to replace these guys and that cost figure was $22.8 million, now the problem is tax money. All tax money comes from the tax payers of Mississippi, so if you’re saving $3.2 million over here, you’re costing tax payers 22 and half over here, how do you come up with savings,” said Joe Andy Helton, Mississippi Associations of Supervisors president.
The Mississippi Association of Supervisors say the cost to replace inmate workers with traditional government workers could cost counties millions. They plan to take their case to state legislators during their next legislative session.

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